What's in it for Businesses?

Employers and businessesBusiness with Style Training

  • We pride ourselves on our choice of training partners, we only work with those who have the same interest and imagination as ourselves.

  • Our training partners have the knowledge and commercial expertise to work with us to produce a total package which challenges the learner and gives good grounding and a realistic approach for future employment.
  • Employers are welcome to contact us regarding training for new or existing employees.

  • We will deliver a totally flexible programme that is not dependant on the usual educational constraints.

  • Your employee will be working in your business supported by Style Beauty Academy staff who are dedicated, enthusiastic, professional and up-to-date in their vocation.

  • Learners will be under constant professional supervision to ensure they are on the right track and to offer any encouragement and guidance they may need.

  • The employer will be part of the training team and will be kept fully aware of the progress of the learner.

  • The learner or employer can contact our assessors at any time by telephone, fax or email.

  • Our apprenticeship courses are flexible around the needs of the salon.

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