Hot Stone

The warm basalt stones are used to massage and are sometimes placed on vital energy points. A deeper massage is achieved with the stones as each stroke is equivalent to at least five with the hands.
Hot Stone Therapy originated in Tuscan Arizona in 1993 and is attributed to Mary Hannigan. It is now one of the fastest growing modern massage techniques however the use of hot stones is not a new concept. The Chinese, Japanese and Indians have all used stones for ritual and healing over thousands of years.
Water heated, smooth basalt lava stones may be used used in combination with traditional massage and Aromatherapy oils. Stones from volcanic origins are effective due to their thermal and energy conductive qualities.
As well as being used for massage, stones can also be laid out for the client to lie on, placed on the body or given to the client to hold, there are also small stones that can be placed between the toes. Warm stones glide over the skin and their warmth radiates through the body. Hot Stone Therapy is an effective form of complimentary healing, stimulating the body’s own self healing processes.
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